How To Diagnose & Treat Important Mental Health Disorders Confidently and Stress free

...With Minimal Time, Uncertainty, or Doubt


In This Free Training with Claire, You'll Learn:

  • How mental health treatment can be simplified so that you can effectively treat your patients and feel less stressed doing so. 
  • Learn an organized step-by-step process for how to diagnose and treat the most important mental disorders you encounter in practice. 
  • Receive clinical pearls of practice that you can immediately apply to patients you're treating.

"I wouldn't call it a crash course, I would call it a Psych NP boot camp. I feel like you could put any nurse practitioner through it and they could probably practice as a psych NP….I am so glad I took this class. I feel like it has really taught me how to be a psych NP. I feel my schooling perfected my ability to write papers, but little else.The main thing I have applied from the course is my increased knowledge regarding prescribing. I am much more confident now when seeing a patient who is in need of medication."

- Autumn A., FNP, PMHNP

"Everything is complicated, and this course really helped simplify things and helped me think on a more step by step level."

- Deborah T., FNP