As a Nurse Practitioner, it's helpful to stay mindful of the unique characteristics of different SSRIs, considering they're among the most commonly prescribed psychotropic medications.


There are several SSRIs to choose from and while they all seem pretty similar, they do exhibit differences in terms of pharmacokinetics, side effect profiles, and efficacy in treating various psychiatric conditions.


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In the SSRI Snapshot, you’ll get simple, key knowledge, to differentiate and select the appropriate SSRI for your particular patient. You’ll reframe how you think of each SSRI and more easily select appropriate treatment with your patients.

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  • Insight into how SSRIs work
  • Clinical considerations for practice
  • Half-life graphic illustrating differences between agents 
  • Knowledge of half-life vs steady state
  • Questions to guide medication selection 
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Gone are the days of guessing what SSRI is the best fit for your particular patient. Grab the SSRI Snapshot to refresh the fundamentals of antidepressant treatment.

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