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Stress Free Psych NP Mental Disorders Crash Course is specifically designed for new or experienced psychiatric and family nurse practitioners to not only diagnose and treat mental disorders…but do so confidently and stress free with minimal time, uncertainty, or doubt.
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Who Can Relate to This?

You finish school and enter practice but don't feel actually prepared to be treating complex mental health patients.

Or you're an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner but don't feel you’re keeping up with current best practice, nor do you have time with all the patients you’re scheduled to see each day.

Maybe you struggle with certain types of patients like taking patients off of benzodiazepines which can be a nightmare.

Or you inherited a patient from another provider and their medication regimen – and even diagnosis – don’t make sense but you’re left with a patient on 15 different medications.

Maybe you’re a family nurse practitioner who's been the primary treater of your patients’ mental health because there is no one available in your area to provide this important treatment.

I really struggled with a lot of this.

I entered practice not feeling prepared, confident, or competent in my skills as a mental health provider.

Over time, I didn't really feel updated on best practices, and I honestly didn't have the time to go digging through the literature to stay up to date. I was too exhausted with all the patients I was seeing.

I struggled with taking patients off of dangerous and addictive medications like benzodiazepines and I really had a hard time inheriting patients from other providers who often had patients on enormous medication cocktails.

Over time, I realized there needed to be a better way. A better way to diagnose and treat my patients and do it in a way where I wasn’t stressed, doubtful, or anxious all time.

You have tremendous value to share with your patients and your healthcare system. But unless you feel competent and confident in your skills, you won’t be able to make an impact improving mental health outcomes and feel less stress along the way.


Mental Disorders Crash Course is specifically designed for new or experienced psychiatric and family nurse practitioners to not only diagnose and treat mental disorders…but do so confidently and stress free with minimal time, uncertainty, or doubt.

With Mental Disorders Crash Course (for Psych & Family NPs) you get:

  • An organized step-by-step process for how to diagnose and treat the most important mental disorders you encounter in practice.
  • Direct feedback on clinical cases you currently wrestle with in practice and questions you have along the way.
  • Confidence in your ability to competently diagnose and treat your patients with mental health needs in an effective way.

Mental Disorders Crash Course 



Intro & Foundations

Here you’ll get a solid understanding of what a mental disorder is to help you from misdiagnosing patients, and learn some basic skills to help you avoid causing patient harm including an easy and clear explanation of the cytochrome P450 system to avoid drug interactions.


Dominating Depressive Disorders

Get a solid handle on diagnosing and treating important depressive disorders including Major Depressive Disorder and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in this module. You’ll get specific guidance on when and how to switch treatment regimens when medications aren’t effective and what other medications to consider when treatment isn’t effective.


Bipolar I, Bipolar II?? Or Neither?!

Not the most comfortable treating bipolar disorders? No worries. This is the module to learn how to clearly distinguish the different bipolar disorders and how to effectively treat them. You'll also receive cheatsheets of clinical pearls and a lab monitoring guide to know which labs to order.


Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety.

Who doesn’t have patients with unrelenting anxiety?  In this module, we break down anxiety from Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder to OCD and PTSD. Here you’ll learn to quickly differentiate disorders based on the underlying cognitions and fears, and then learn to prescribe in a way that doesn’t perpetuate the anxiety, making it worse in the long run (something many providers mistakenly do with the medications they prescribe!).


Solutions for Psychosis

In a time when antipsychotics are thrown casually around, many patients are on too many antipsychotics or don’t receive evidence-based treatment. Avoid polypharmacy and avoid contributing to worsening medical comorbidity by safely prescribing and monitoring psychotic disorders. As with all modules, you’ll also receive cheatsheets of clinical pearls and a lab monitoring guide to know which labs to order.


ADHD Answers

Currently, no professional guidelines exist for adult ADHD which makes appropriate treatment difficult at times. Get clarity on how to accurately and effectively diagnose and treat adult ADHD in this module. Teasing apart co-occurring disorders, demystifying treatment options & learning to assess and monitor treatment await you in this lesson.


P.A.W.S. and Substance Use Disorders

Here we’ll cover one of the most overlooked conditions in individuals struggling with various substance use disorders. Post acute withdrawal syndrome, while not recognized by the DSM, is a condition that affects the majority of individuals in recovery and when left untreated, is a significant contributor to relapse. Learn to recognize and treat PAWS in this module to help your patients in recovery.

But that's not all! Mental Disorders Crash course also comes with these BONUSES to make the whole process easier…

Bonus #1: Psych Eval Walk Through

Get clarity on doing an effective and efficient psychiatric evaluation through this video walk through of a quality initial psych eval of everything to know and do as you conduct a psychiatric evolution including what questions to ask and when to quickly build patient rapport as you gather all the necessary assessment info.

Bonus #2: Stress Free Lab Interpretation (For Psych NPs Made Easy)

Don’t feel incredibly comfy ordering and interpreting lab results? This guide walks you through what labs to order and how to interpret abnormal findings (and what to do with abnormal results).

Bonus #3: The Mental Disorders Prescribing Fail-Safe System

This  look up tool helps you consider appropriate medications to prescribe based on the diagnosis you are treating. Simply select the disorder from the drop down menu to see what treatment options to consider for that particular disorder based on current, evidence-based guidelines.

Bonus #4: Essential Screening Tools To Know And Use In Practice

You’ll get a resource list of all the fundamental screening tools you should know about and use in practice along with copies of each screening test all in one place.

Bonus #5: Direct Access to Me to Answer Clinical Questions

Whether you're a student in clinicals or an experienced NP in practice, or anywhere in between, there will be times you’re wrestling with a complex patient and want a second opinion or consultation. Get your complex clinical questions on challenging patients answered, in real time, by shooting me a text or email.

Bonus #6: One one-on-one Consultation Session with Claire

Schedule an individual session with Claire to have your nagging clinical questions answered or review a challenging type of patient presentation. You'll get specific advice on how to proceed so you can more effectively treat your patients.

Bonus #7: Inclusive Private Community 

With purchase of the course, you’ll get access to the Mental Health Mastermind, a community of nurse practitioners to connect, ask questions, and support one another. This is the space to troubleshoot tough cases and share your wins!

What Others Are Saying

“Everything is complicated, and this course really helped simplify things and helped me think on a more step by step level.” 

- Deborah T., FNP

“I wouldn't call it a crash course, I would call it a Psych NP boot camp. I feel like you could put any nurse practitioner through it and they could probably practice as a psych NP….I am so glad I took this class. I feel like it has really taught me how to be a psych NP. I feel my schooling perfected my ability to write papers, but little else.The main thing I have applied from the course is my increased knowledge regarding prescribing. I am much more confident now when seeing a patient who is in need of medication.

- Autumn A., FNP, PMHNP

"Dr. Ellerbrock's Mental Disorders Crash Course is comprehensive and well-structuredAs a pharmacist, I was immediately drawn to the pharmacologic options presented in the course.   I appreciate the wealth of information presented in these sections.   Dr. Ellerbrock's mission for the audience was evident - to equip her audience with the knowledge for confident prescribing while being mindful of patient safety!"

- Dr. Ahunna Freeman, PharmD, BCGP

What You're Gonna Get...

  • Mental Disorders Crash Course online training................... $1,000 Value
  • Psych Eval Walk Through.......................................................... $200 Value
  • Stress Free Lab Interpretation (For Psych NPs Made Easy).....$250 Value 
  • The Mental Disorders Prescribing Fail-Safe System............... $400 Value
  • Essential Screening Tools To Know And Use In Practice.............$99 Value
  • Direct Access to Me to Answer Clinical Questions.................. $350 Value
  • One one-on-one Consultation Session with Claire.................. $600 Value 



Mental Disorders Crash Course

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I offer a lifetime money back guarantee. 

If you’re worried about wasting money on this Mental Disorders Crash Course and not finding it helpful, I don’t want that to be a worry or reason you don’t sign up. 

That's why I'm offering a lifetime money back guarantee. 

If you find the course unhelpful at any point, shoot me an email telling me to kick rocks and I'll refund you. 

I want this course to be helpful to you because you deserve to know how to accurately and effectively diagnose and treat your patients. 

The work you’re doing is needed, so difficult, and often undervalued. You absolutely deserve to have an arsenal of resources and support to help you along the way. 

If that’s not me and I'm not helpful, I don’t want your money.

More Success Stories


"It's so concise and it's broken down by the diagnosis, the evaluation, the treatment, the labs…everything is there, so it's been really great in helping me gain the confidence I need."

- Autumn A. | PMHNP, FNP practicing in a holistic private practice in Indiana


"I know I needed more help in psych and approaching it the right way…[this course helped] weeding out incorrect diagnoses and where to go from there."

- Deborah T. | FNP practicing geri psych in a long term care facility in Vermont

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Mental Disorders Crash Course

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